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I've always loved having friends.

Growing up, I had many best friends. Sometimes one friend that I hung out with the most, sometimes a group that I called my own. I could fit into any group when I was at a party, or out with a boyfriend.

As I grew past high school, into college, then onto serious relationships, my friendships changed. Some friends didn't like the path I was on, I was to serious, to focused on marriage and a family. Some didn't like that I didn't care to go out partying all the time. Other's just wanted to go shopping or out to lunch. I'd always shuffle from individual friends to groups of people, then be alone, and back into the swing of friendships.

Now, I'm married and have three kids.

Friendships mean completely different things to me now than they did when I was eighteen.

The friends I have today, they are the people that call me crying and I help them through their storm. AND they are there for me when I call them crying. These people who I stop moments of my life for are Aunts to my kids. They love me, even the ugly parts of me, and understand me when I'm just not my usual self.

I have multiple best friends. Because they are the very best person to be in the role that they play in my life.

K.F. - My longest friend. The one who tells it to me straight no matter how bad it might sound. She is the one who doesn't let me keep on my bad behavior for long. This girl has left my life before, told me why, and we found our way back to each other. It was a little bitter, but exactly what we each needed. We learned we couldn't be completely in each other's business - we are a lot alike after all. But at the end of the day, I'd do anything for her, and I hope she knows that.

T.R. - Technically she's my cousin... But she's also my go-getter bestie. She's the one who reminds me to write my heart out, to focus on my dreams, to be a badass at everything I do. And I push her, encourage her to do things for herself. Without this woman in my life, I'd probably still not have my CDL and wouldn't be living to my full potential.

K.F. & T.R. - they dropped everything the day I got the phone call that my dad died. One drove thirty minutes to grab breakfast for my kids and a coffee for me. The other drove two hours to hug me. I was not my best me that morning. I was lost. Completely and truly lost. And these two, they gave me so much strength in the moment that I was able to do what I needed to do and focus on the decisions I had to make. Without them that first morning before my husband got home, I would have failed - hard.

My other friends:

T.S. - The one I've never met in person, but I honest to goodness feel like she's a sister! She's a text and phone call away, and always makes time for me. (As I do for her). She spoils me and loves me even though I'm sometimes a bad friend.

A.B. - She's the friend I never knew I needed. She's my much more beautiful mirror. 'Dollface' is my work wife, and God I love this woman so much, I'd never hesitate to have her back for any situation. And she gives those kind of hugs that make all the broken pieces go back together. I think I live for her hugs. They make other people jealous ;)

J.A. - My S-I-L. She is truly my sister. I can laugh with her, fight with her, and at the end of the day, we love each other anyway. I'm mean and unfiltered to her sometimes, but I take my role as big sister honeybee very seriously. If I didn't give it to her straight she'd hate me. And I feel the same way with her - always be honest with me. I got you girl, I'm not doing this for your brother. I do it because your my sister. And the only one I get truly drunk with.....

K.W. - She has been my oldest friend. We used to compete against each other in soccer, I'd like to say we were equal in talent, but she was WAY better than me. I introduced her to my cousin (she's technically my family for real now), and we were both in each other's weddings. We go long months without talking, but we can pick up the phone, call or text, run into each other, or even show up at the same party - and we are back to where we've always been. She's totally my no nonsense friend. I'd be lost without her accepting me for who I am, and just being there.

I don't like to throw out the phrase "I love you" to just anybody. It's a natural feeling, something that comes easy to me, but only a select few hear it freely from me. My husband, my kids, and these six beautiful ladies. My circle. My backbone.

Friendship is just like any relationship. It needs to be worked on, nurtured, give and take at the right times. Your value in friendships shouldn't matter about how many you have - it should be about quality of what you do have.

These women, support me in my worst and best times. They've all seen me cry, given me comfort and helped me see the positives. I've done the same for them. Without hesitation. I don't know where we will be in a years time, but today, I am forever grateful that I have them beside me.

I'm very honored to call each one my best friend. You ladies ROCK!!!


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