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Favorite Quote - 20-Day Blogging Challenge - Day Two

Do you have a favorite quote? Something to helps you stay inspired maybe, or helps you be a better person? Maybe even helps you laugh at everyday stresses?

I have a quote for every situation in life. Honestly, I have four quotes tattooed on my body! I'm definitely one of those people that holds quotes close to my heart.

Growing up my mom used to recite a poem to me. For a long time, I thought that was my favorite quote. I used it as a guide when times got really tough for me, when I couldn't see a positive in my current situation. But that was most definitely my mom's favorite quote, not mine.

My favorite quote came to me in a time of my life when I really struggled with others opinions of me. I was becoming bitter, angry, and mean to people that were trying to stand beside me. My life was in turmoil, I had decisions to make, and I was really starting to cast judgement on others, something that was never my job to do.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." ~ Mother Teresa.

When I found this quote, it literally made me stop everything and stare at my computer screen. Let's face it, most of us like the snarky quotes, or pieces of a song. This quote made me stop and think.

I thought about one of my friends, the one that stood steadfastly beside me during this time. She had a really troubled past. Not once did I ever hold that against her, it honestly didn't matter to me, because she wasn't that person anymore. I saw the person she was at that moment. And I loved her with my whole heart. I couldn't imagine using her past against her, carrying that judgement into our friendship. Those struggles she faced, they helped mold her into the strong, hilarious, and determined woman that she was that day. I loved her unconditionally, would do anything in my power to help her if she ever needed it.

This quote was my wake up call. Why was I trying to make these huge decisions about my life with judgement in my heart? Why was I letting my situation turn me bitter? Why was I so darn angry about things I didn't instigate? This quote was a literal reminder of how I was raised. Of words my parents had told me in different form. It was simplified, but it hit just hard enough that it became more than a quote. It became my motto.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." ~ Mother Teresa.

And I live by this quote every single day. Starting that day nine years ago, I put this in my head every morning when I wake up. I have friends with completely different lives than mine, and I love them. I have family that I no longer talk to, I love them always. I meet strangers everyday that have things going on that I know nothing about, and I treat them as a friend for a seconds long exchange anyway.

My job in this world is not to cast judgement on others. That's saved for a much higher power. I cannot judge someone for their actions, even if those actions are against me. I don't forget what was said and done, but I can move forward, and I can find time to love them.

Sounds very simplified in the way I wrote it, but it was a complete breakdown of everything I felt at that moment. It did not happen over night, but it did happen. I work hard to live by this quote, I truly do. I've shared the best laughs with people I probably wouldn't have given a chance to if I had let the bitterness and anger win all those years ago.

What's your favorite quote? Did it make a huge impact to you? Or does it make you face the world and conquer your day? Let me know, I'd love to hear your story.


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