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Josephine "Jo" Harkins has always stayed true to herself. Opinions of others did not slow her down. Jo takes pride in her work, her family, and her fun. After the death of her father, she worked hard to be the best mechanic she could be, working on classic cars in her free time to keep her dad’s memory alive. Jo gave up on finding a love like her parents’ two years ago, focusing on her passion for old cars and trucks.


Damien Burke is opening a new garage for vintage motorcycles and cars. He is a man who knows what he wants and never backs down from a challenge. When Jo's boss, Hank, introduces the two of them Damien and Jo instantly hit it off professionally. Learning about a chance encounter from ten years ago sparks a romantic interest between the two. When Damien offers Jo a job as head mechanic in his shop and hints to a romance, Jo hesitates holding onto her strict rule of not mixing professional and personal relationships.


Making the decision to follow her heart and dreams, Jo takes a leap of faith. Is Damien worth it? Can Jo love without restraint? Can she have it all?   


Small Creek Ranch - Book 1

Becca Jones has always done things her own way. Everything from following her dreams to raising her son. Becca's ex-boyfriend Bobby comes back into her life and in his wake, Becca finds out she has an enemy. When she and her son Devin are threatened, she figures out a way to stay strong and allows others to help her through this trying time. Becca refuses to cower and is determined to keep a stiff backbone to stand up to the threats.


Small Creek Ranch - Book 2

Becca Jones has done everything asked of her. She sent her son to stay with her parents, she allowed Chad to move into her house, and she agreed to check in every second of her day. Becca was exhausted from constantly looking over her shoulder. It was time to weed out the person behind the threats, Becca was ready to fight. The night of the charity rodeo, Becca got the fight she wanted. After she saved her and Terry’s lives, Becca’s was in for the real surprise. Anger strengthened her backbone before, self-preservation helped her raise her fists to stay true to herself.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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